Ecorsaint is a small quiet village situated in the hills of the Cote d’Or. Only a three hours’ drive from Paris.

It’s situated on a hill side at a dead end road which guarantees peace and quiet, space and scenery.

There’s no house to be seen that is less than a hundred years old. In fact, most houses were built many centuries ago. This is also the case with “Sous les Roches”. It is as though time has stood still for a long time here.

Ecorsaint offers many opportunities to go for a stroll, a ride on a bike or go for a drive.

At the rear side of the house you’ll find an area of approximately 100 square kilometers of unspoild scenery with beautiful panoramic views over the hills and valleys.

Ecorsaint doesn’t have any shops. But there is a mobile shop that passes through the village several times a week. In Flavingy, which is only a 10 minutes’drive from Ecorsaint, you will find a small supermarket for your daily groceries. A little bit futher down, in Venarey-les-Laumes, you’ll find two bigger supermarkets and also other shops.

GPS: 47.4862 / 4.5701

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